Strip of land extending for almost 40 kilometres from West to Est, Genoa is a city where you can find a mild climate all year to spent a holiday with sea, culture and amusement.

The Porto Antico it is the heart of the city, renewed by the architect Renzo Piano in 1992 for the Expo and that nowadays hosts the second biggest of its kind Acquarium In Europe, the first “Mediterranean Maritime Museum”, the “Città dei Bambini”, the “Biosfera” and the”Antartide Museum”. The biggest historical centre in Europe, the old city, the little alleyways the so called“caruggi”,its achitecture and the historical palaces, the “Rolli”, has been declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2006.

Corso Italia is the seafront promenade of the city and it is located less than 2 kilometres from the centre and it ends to Boccadasse, a fascinating village with its pastel colours so typical of Liguria’s landscapes.

You can’t miss Nervi, from its seafront promenade built into the rock face you can see Portofino and you can find a beautiful city park too.

With 20 museums, 90 churches and a so rich calendar of events, festivals and exhibitions, Genoa is the excellent city where people can enjoy a stay with family too.